Monthly Archives: July 2015

Model-Top for Ford Motor Co.?

Ford Motor Co. (F:NYSE) is possibly topped and heading to previous support levels. There is a +2 year descending channel which is leading to the top formation’s breakdown line (support) at 13. Check out the 10 year monthly canlde chart. Arrows indicate the implied mesured move added to the breakdown line. A monthly candle close below […]

Slipping with Oil & Gas!

Lot’s of slipping possible with SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Prod (XOP:ARCA). After a fall off it’s mountain top, a consolidation period has broken down to have the price action now testing it’s important breakdown line (support). Check out the monthly candle chart. I have the breakdown line at 37. A monthly candle close below […]

United we fall…. with United Technologies Corp.

I wrote a post on Jan 21 envisioning a bullish breakout. The breakout never occurred and a reversal has brought us down to the breakdown line. Check the previous post here. The monthly candle chart shows us the breakdown line at 100. This also coincides with the ascending channel support line. The 5 year weekly […]

Deep under water with SeaDrill Limited.

SeaDrill Limited (SDRL:NYSE) has deep dived and hit a possible bottom. Check out the monthly candle chart. After going thorugh a WALL (check the link to a previous post) at 27 and hitting the furthest target at 18, a 7 month consolidation pattern is in the works. Here is the 5 year weekly candle chart. Two possible scenarios, a […]

Kiwis soon to leave London?

Here is the second part after much time has passed from this original post from feb 8 on the gbpnzd forex pair. Check it out here. The breakout was confirmed and the price action is closing on the target at 2.43. Here is the monthly candle chart. The 5 year weekly candle chart shows the […]

The kiwi fell off the tree!

Firstly, check this previous post I wrote back in January. Many months have passed and the Kiwi has fallen, and continues to fall towards the ultimate target of 0.6254. There is however a possible “WALL” being tested right now, and could be an early exit point around this level of 0.6590. Check this post on […]

Is Birchcliff Energy running out of gas?

Birchcliff Energy (BIR:TSE) is testing it’s long term lower boundary (support) at the 6 area. A breakdown would bring this to sub zero levels. Another possible scenario is a rebound of this lower boundary and maybe a trend reversal back to prior important resistance at 15. Check out the monthly candle chart. Here is the […]

Multiple top in progress for High Yield Bond.

A +5 year top formation in progress for SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bond (JNK:ARCA). I’m looking at two breakdown lines. One which is a +3 year top formation within the bigger pattern. The second is the bigger pattern itself. Check out the monthly candle chart. First target coincides with the breakdown line of the bigger pattern […]

Reversal of fortune for Tesla!

Back at March 20th, I wrote a post entitled “Has Tesla Motors Topped Out?”. Check it out here. Well time has passed. The monthly candle close below the breakdown line of 180 never occurred. Now a few months later Tesla (TSLA:NASDAQ) is testing it’s breakout line at the 275 resistance line. Check out the monthly candle […]

Exxon Mobil Corporation on the verge of getting submerged!

On April 8th, I wrote this interessting post for Exxon (XOM:NYSE) to demonstrate the concept of “chart morphing”. Check it out here! Some time has passed and the “morphed” chart is now close to resolving. Let’s check out the 10 year monthly candle chart. There are now 2 top formations sharing the same breakdown line. I […]