Monthly Archives: March 2016

Which way next for EURGBP?

For those not aware on my trading framework, I invite you to go through the links in my “How To” section. All right, back to business! The eurgbp forex pair has retraced back to previous breakdown levels and is going to test it. This also coincides with the upper boundary of the descending channel. Here is […]

Australia leaving “Down Under” territory! 1

The AUDUSD forex pair could be breaking out of the classical reversal chart formation “falling wedge“. Check out the 10 year monthly candle chart. Target is adjusted to the closest “wall” at 87.50. The 5 year weekly candle chart is more of the same. Better view on the breaking out from the possible bottom. Notice some […]

Bottom’s UP for Glencore?

Looking at Glencore (GL:LSE), we see a possible bottom formation breaking out. This might lead to a return to the previous breakdown level at 250. Check out the monthly candle chart. The weekly candle chart is more of the same. A final zoom in on the 1 year daily candle chart. This is breaking out on […]