“I Don’t Want Your Love” says Ebay!

Ebay (EBAY:NASDAQ) is carving out a BIG +3 years top formation. The lines are drawn. A monthly close below 21 gives a target 1t 14.50, a previous breakout line and now a “WALL”. Check this previous post on EBAY here and this post on my concept of “WALLS” here. Here is the 10 year monthly […]

usdcad vs crude oil vs gas pump price

Another hot topic in my home town of Montreal, Quebec, Canada concerning the ever seemingly uber expensive $/litre we pay gas to fill up our cars. Some ask why are we paying soo much more than before while the crude oil is soo low? Devil’s advocate speech is that the Loonie is soo depreciated against the […]

Japan vs The World!

If it smells like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it must be a duck! Check out all these bearish moves for currencies against the Yen on the 10 year monthly candle charts! Firstly, target almost reached for the cnhjpy forex pair, back to previous breakout levels at 17.50. The sgdjpy […]

“All She Wants Is” breakout!

The eurgbp forex pair is breaking out of bottom formation. Check this previous post from Septembre 6th 2015. Target is a retrace back to the preivous breakdown level, which is also a WALL. Here is the 10 year monthly candle chart. Current candle breaking out above bullsih neck line at 74. The 5 year weekly […]

EURCAD leaving “Planet Earth”?

The eurcad forex pair is testing it’s bullish breakout line at 1.55. A monthly candle close above that will give a 1.69 target. Here is the 10 year monthly candle chart. The 5 year weekly candle chart show mor of the same. A final zoom in on the 1 year daily candle chart. Price action […]

Another brick in the “WALL”. 2

Again, another demonstration on this most important concept, this time using eurjpy. Go read this previous tutorial on my concept here. Before placing any trade, always take a look at potentiel “WALLs” between the current price and the target. If the WALL is present , strongly consider reviewing your analysis. Human views are skewed by a plethora of reasons, […]

Yen getting “Serious” with Loonie!

New year getting really serious for the cadjpy forex pair. Here is the 10 year monthly candle chart. Confirmed breakdown in progress with the decembre candle close below the 90 level. Target is now 80 (which also coincides with the previous late 2012 bullish breakout. The 5 year weekly candle chart shows the small continuation […]

Back to an Ordinary World…

Let’s take a look at eurusd forex pair. Here is the 10 year monthly candle chart. Nice consolidation pattern (+10 months) just bouncing off the support. Arrows indicate the next mesured move in case of a monthly candle close across the break line. The 5 year weekly candle chart show more of the same. Price […]

The Wild Boys are back!

The mostly looked at forex currency pair eurusd is testing it’s 9 month bearish consolidation pattern break line (support). A monthly close below 1.075 would give a nearby target at 1.015. Check out the 10 year monthly graph below. The 5 year weekly candle grach shows some noise below the breakdown line. Make sure to wait for […]

Notorious QQQ.

First, go look at this previous post for PowerShares Nasdaq-100 (QQQ:NASDAQ) written on February 19th.  The bullish target of 113 has been hit. Now the chart has morphed into the next playable pattern.  Check out the 10 year monthly candle chart below. A monthly close above 114 would give a measured move applied to the breakout […]