Boredom makes for your patience reservoir to dwindle.

Stay occupied, how?

  1. Look at any graph you can trade. If you look just at one (or too few), you’ll get emotionally invested… and force a play, when you shouldn’t. I believe the work you put in before taking the actual trade is the key to success.
  2. Write a blog.
  3. Get a full time job.
  4. Get a girlfriend.

Remember, there is no rush. Give yourself the proper time to go over a chart and properly analyse it. Monthly candle close breakouts reduce noise and I believe give me higher probabilities to reach their implied targets. Those translate into A++ setups. We aren’t trading hourly candle charts, you do HAVE time.

Lots of A++ setups out there.. why settle for anything less? It’s your money after all. This will help letting your setups reach their target. Less time feeling greedy or scared, hence reduce your basic human emotions get in the way of your rational binary game plan.

And for a little “old school” Guns N Roses inspiration:

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  1. […] Electronic Arts Inc. (EA:NASDAQ) is fast approaching some historical 10 year resistance at the 61 level. There was a BIG +5 year base that broke out in early 2014 which reached it’s target about 1 year later. That is about the patience you need when playing these high probability multi-year monthly candle breakouts. 5-6 year could take 1 year to reach it’s target. Now go read this previous post on patience. […]

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