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Use my TradingView affiliate offer to get same charting plate form as mine. Pro is minimum required, while I’m currently experimenting with Pro+.

Time Efficiency

I’m running out of time! Family life with 2 young boys, ongoing projects and rabbit holes to deep dive… all that with an inbox full of questions and requests. Since I can’t clone myself, I must revert to good old free market to add efficiency for the most precious of assets… our time!

Here are a few ways I came up with to help me help you the best I could. Quality application of my time to give best value in return. Because a rushed analysis is no good for anyone!

I’ll still be freely posting as many charts as I can, and don’t plan to slow down. All this said, always feel free to reach me at!

Chart prioritization

This is where free markets should help me better serve you. I’ll prioritize the effort to chart up your request in function of donation which should be in competition with others for my time!

So donate the amount you desire and add in the PayPal description box information about your chart request.

Note I’ll still take requests for charts without a donation, just that you might have to wait a while. Yikes, don’t hurt me guys!

Request for private meeting

This is the win-win option! I’ll have fun talking with you and hopefully teach as much as I’d learn. Talk about anything other than personnel financial information.

Ex. Charting and technical analysis questions, ideas to share and discuss, live chart creations, TradingView tutorials and template setup sharing, etc.

After our private meeting, donate what you feel the added value I provided. Eventually I’ll have a set price… so be nice!

How to donate and support Bad*Charts

Here is the link to regular PayPal which requires an account.

If you don’t have or want an account, you can use a credit card with the donation PayPal link.