Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Q3 is closed for 2020! What long term signals can we observe going forward in Q4 and in 2021? Join Kevin and I for another “live stream” event.

#gold #silver #preciousmetals

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00:03:00 Gold Point and Figure

00:08:25 Silver Point and Figure

00:15:05 Copper Point and Figure

00:22:10 Silver Quarterly Consecutive+Chaikin

00:27:15 Gold Quarterly Consecutive+Chaikin

00:32:00 Copper Big and Small Picture

00:39:15 Gold Big and Small Picture

00:47:35 US Dollar Index

00:55:15 Stocks (in order) $EAS.v $YRI $TMQ $IMG $CVV.v $LOAD $MAW $ABRA.v $SSL $SBSW $ARU.v $ELD $FR $AG $CCO $HUM $NVO.v $AZY $FPC $IPT.v $ISVLF $LND $NAM