is proud to announce our “NSBC Trading System”.

It’s about riding the trend, without having to think about anything other than our GREEN/RED colors.

Key highlights:

1- Based on weekly chart, system is best for swing/position traders, where our decisions to enter, hold or sell are decided on a weekly close basis

2- Most successful trades will have us hold for 6-18 months, with the goal to capture most of the move

3- Reduced opportunity cost

4- Not designed to catch the exact bottom or top, but the bulk of the ride

5- Including provisions for profit taking off parabolic run-ups

6- Weight of evidence applied in the background, to minimize false breakouts

By badcharts

My name is Patrick Karim. I’m a proprietary capital manager and chart trader since 2006. With a background in commerce and psychology, I also have an ongoing career in systems engineering. My analytical mind helps me excel at achieving a methodical approach to evaluating trading scenarios. The psychology background helps in understanding the human factor, ex: overcoming stress, which is mostly responsible for maintaining a successful career.