Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

About me

My name is Patrick Karim.

I’m a proprietary capital manager and chart trader since 2006.

With a background in commerce and psychology, I also have an ongoing career in systems engineering.

My analytical mind helps me excel at achieving a methodical approach to evaluating trading scenarios.

The psychology background helps in understanding the human factor, ex: overcoming stress, which is mostly responsible for maintaining a successful career. 

See this blog entry demonstrating my risk and management protocols in action. Emotion management techniques can be observed through some of these podcasts/blog entries.

And this blog entry on “chart morphing” which demonstrates why it’s crucial to respect the protocols.

Check out this blog entry for an example of my top to bottom approach for time frame harmony and the important concept of “WALLS” consideration. Also, check this more recent entry on my “WALLS” concept to help generate more probable targets!

Look at this post introducing the “noise reduction” properties of monthly candles.

To bridge the gap between my “top to bottom approach” and “noise reduction”, adding my important concept of “hidden resistance” and “hidden support”.

Use these blog entries and series of podcasts as an educational school to learn through my experiences!

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4 thoughts on “About me”
  1. Hi Pattrick! I’m a fan and probably won’t be able to catch the live stream. Will you be posting it afterwards on YouTube?

    Thanks for taking the time to share with others. I always enjoy your videos!

    1. Hi Jeff! Yes… it will stay on the YouTube channel for sure! I’ll do more for sure… good way to get some answers out there. Regards, Patrick

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