Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

To get increased value of an A+ setup on your next forex trade, you can use crosses with a common currency to isolate the weakest.

Let’s look at eursek. Right now, there is monthly candle breakout with some consolidation at the breakout line. I’ll give a +1 counter for eur and a -1 counter for sek..


Now, let’s match up usdsek. Here is the monthly candle chart. The sek has been a clear loser against the usd since the breakout a few months back. I’ll give a +1 counter for usd and a -1 counter for sek.


Let’s look at on last one pair, the sekjpy. Again the monthly candle chart. The Swedish Crown is already breaking down against the yen. That is another -1 counter for sek. +1 for the Japanese Yen.


This is giving me added value for a play against the Swedish Crown with it’s -3 total counters. All you have to do now is choose your current favorite A+ setup to go long and short sek.